How to Fix “No Atomizer” or “Check Atomizer” with Your VAPE

Have you ever gone to take a hit off your vape and received the message “NO ATOMIZER FOUND” and not understood why? Don’t worry you’re not alone. Many individuals have run into this issue and ended up scratching their heads. Annoyed, confused and frustrated this will sometimes just cause people to assume that their battery or tank is broken and to go out an buy a new one. I am here to tell you that with a little troubleshooting and maintenance, you will never have to do that again. This blog post will help you understand the best way to fix the “No Atomizer Found” problem with your vape.

Since this is the tank that i use, all images with be with the MELO 3 Nano atomizer by eleaf.


Step 1:

Disconnect your tank from your box mod or battery.

Step 2:


Unscrew the base of your tank from the glass atomizer tube / air pipe.

Step 3:

Unscrew your atomizer head (coil) from the atomizer base. Usually the reason for “No Atomizer Found” is because you atomizer base is not making direct contact with your coil. This is hard to realize at first because this usually happens completely randomly.

Step 4:

Take a q-tip and clean the inside of the atomizer vape. I’ve noticed that sometimes this area can get a wet with juice which appears to prevent the base of the coil from making contact with the atomizer base.

Step 5:


Clean the base of your coil, making sure that the area that will be making contact with the atomizer base is completely dry.

Step 6:

Reconnect the coil to the atomizer base. Make sure that the coil is screwed in tightly to the atomizer base. Often times this connection becomes loose without your knowledge which causes the message to appear.

Step 7:

Reconnect the rest of the pieces of your tank.

Step 8:

Vape it up!

That’s it! After you have reattached all the components of your tank, give the battery trigger a pull to see if it works. In my experience i have found this to be the main issue with this particular model of tank. Hopefully this helps other people fix this issue and reduce some of the frustrations that come along with vaping.


If you found this blog post helpful, confusing, or know a better way to fix, leave a comment below and share your thoughts!



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